Been a while – Going through some changes

Well, so much for regular blog posts!

I made this portfolio when I left college, and now it’s halfway through my second year of University. How time flies!

Some changes have been made, adding and removing some projects and this process will continue over the next few months as I add what I am currently working on.

The biggest change in the last year and a half is the slight change in the direction of my career. I started this portfolio and University wanting to be a Game Writer. While this still remains true, I am also highly interested in becoming a Community Manager. I feel with my skills and experience in social media, customer service and processing feedback, this role suits me well.


Maybe this will change again in the next year. Maybe I’ll return back to wanting to solely be a Game Writer, or scrap it entirely to pursue Community Management. The beauty of the world is that every day is different so it’s impossible to predict 365 of them!

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