Community Management

After seeing in 2019 how (at the time) Mod Shauny of Jagex conducted weekly live streams and discussions about RuneScape, as well as doing other bits of research, I fell in love with Community Management. A quote from article I read stuck with me: “Community Management is part writing, part data analysis and part personal relation.” I feel I tick all three boxes.’

I have experience in running a YouTube channel with over 330 subscribers, as well as streaming on Twitch, using Tweetdeck, running Discord servers and use Reddit and Twitter. I have a basic understanding of WordPress and it’s CMS, and minor experience with Facebook and Instagram.

In my second year of university, I ran a Twitter and page for our game, “Glow”, to gain experience running a development page and conducting playtests. I am also doing this for my third year game “Spyder”.



I’ve been a Community Manager/Moderator for League of Legends Twitch streamer MetaSolaray since August 2019. I help run his Twitch and Discord alongside four other moderators, as well as uploading highlights of his gameplay onto his Instagram and responding to questions on there. We have gone from 25 average viewers on Twitch to 60 in a year.

Follower/Member growth on Meta’s platforms I manage since I joined.


In November 2020, I wrote an analytical report, across the four platforms Meta is present on (Twitch, YouTube, Discord and Instagram), as well as conducted anonymous interviews with members of the community. The report compiles that data and notes key points, what’s been going well, and things we can improve on going into the new season of League of Legends. This comes with a development journal documenting my observations and processes.

Falmouth University Digital Ambassador.

I have also been a Digital Ambassador for Falmouth University since January 2019.

This job has included

  • Small articles for Facebook about student life and the Game Development course.
  • Uploading students work via WordPress CMS in June 2020 for the Falmouth Summer Showcase. This was a four day job and involved adding captions and resizing images, as well as thinking about accessibility for sight and hearing impaired people.
  • Answering questions and calming nerves for new students before their interviews.