Freelance Journalism

Gaming Historia.

In July 2018, I joined a website called Gaming Historia. Here, I began to journey into Game Journalism. I wrote news articles and editorials as well as guides. I left Gaming Historia in the middle of 2019.

My profile showing all my work.

The bug that cost an esports team a tournament.

OpTic Gaming.

I also joined OpTic Gaming’s website, in July 2018. I worked for them for three months, writing event recaps and interviewing players across Gears of War and Call of Duty.

My first article (about Gears of War Open NOLA) on the Wayback machine as the website has been remade.

Unfortunately, due to Company layoffs, I was released in October 2018.


(A comment from Ashes – the at the time coach of OpTic Gears of War and GM of OpTic Gaming).

Start Menu.

In October 2019, I made the difficult decision to leave Gaming Historia. However, I now write for Start Menu – a student ran website – in my spare time.

My profile showing all my work.

My best and worst games of 2019.

Falmouth University Digital Ambassador.

I have also been a Digital Ambassador for Falmouth University since January 2019. Here I have done small articles for their Facebook page on the Games Development course and what to expect when studying at Falmouth.

In June 2020, I was alongside eight other ambassadors in helping upload students work for the Falmouth Summer Showcase – a website replacing the real-life showcase due to Covid-19. We used the WordPress CMS to achieve this and uploaded 400 students work in four days.

A small article I did for Falmouth about getting prepared for the Games Academy and their courses.